the Eagle


Eagle Specifications

1. Hybrid Bow length of 66” AMO
2. Corewood – Moso Bamboo, noted for resilience, structural strength, and arrow speed
3. Crystal clear glass over exotic South American and African veneers
4. Riser structurally reinforced with G10 fiberglass composite
5. Center shot with radiused arrow shelf
6. Finished in 6 to 8 coats of hand rubbed Thunderbird epoxy
7. Decorative limb tip overlays (Fast flight compatible)

Eagle Performance Characteristics

1. Limbs uniquely engineered for extraordinary speed (45.2 lb. bow AMO speed rated at 192 ft/sec)
2. Silky smooth throughout the full draw cycle
3. Dead quiet and gentle in the hand upon release
4. High limb stability for extreme accuracy

Though specifically engineered for extreme performance, the Eagle carries a classic and elegant traditional grace in its flowing form. The natural beauty of colored and richly grained exotic hardwoods are stunningly revealed under the crystal clear limb glass. High performance, graceful beauty and superb craftsmanship indeed make this a bow worthy of the archer who has searched through the years for that “truly special bow”.


The San Marco Eagle “Hybrid” Longbow:
Satin Finish: $1,500.00

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