Understanding the Eagle Performance

The San Marco bow has been equated with the finest of custom bows. There are also predictions that Frank San Marco will attain an eminence as one of the top bowyers of this generation.
— Fred Luks (Read the Full Article)

Those familiar with the “technical side” of archery understand the extraordinary amount of information revealed about a bows performance in a “force draw curve”. The force draw of a particular bow design shows not only the amount of energy stored in the limbs, but of equal importance, how the energy is stored throughout the “full” draw. Consequently, it reveals how “smoothly”, roughly or “stacking” the draw feels to the archer.

The force draw curve of typical well designed recurve or hybrid longbows shows a “stored energy bump” through 85% of the draw cycle. This energy bump represents the additional energy stored that a recurve or hybrid longbow possesses over a more traditional straight limbed longbow. It is this additional energy stored in this “energy bump” that is directly responsible for the additional speed. However, even in well designed recurves and hybrids, this “energy bump” typically “fades” 2-3 inches before full draw. This results in a relative reduction of stored energy in the last few inches of the draw. To the archer, this is perceived as stiffening or “stacking” of the drawing. The two consequences of the “fading energy bump” are reduced potential arrow speed and stacking at the end of the draw.

The San Marco Eagle, in contrast to even the well made recurves and hybrids, have limbs engineered to carry the “energy bump” out to 100% of full draw. The extended “energy bump” results in two significant performance gains. First is an increase in stored potential energy resulting in a typical arrow speed gain of 3-7 ft/sec. Secondly, it results in a more gradual increase in poundage at the end of the draw, resulting in a non stacking, silky smooth pull through the entire full draw cycle.

Note: The performance data for the “Eagle” were derived in exact compliance with the guidelines set by AMO standards for bow performance analysis. The results from the “Eagle” performance analysis are both verifiable and reproducible.

Following are two force draw curves for comparative analysis. The first is the “San Marco Eagle”. The second is a well known manufacturer’s bow which is highly typical of the other well known manufacturers bows. The purpose here is not to discredit other fine bow makers, but only to be used as a reference to appreciate the unique dynamics of the “Eagle Hybrid”.

Information on the performance of the other well know bows can be found by referencing “Blacky Schwartz Bow Reviews” on the internet.

San Maroc Eagle Longbow Chart
Competitor Longbow Chart

Designed for the experienced archer

The San Marco Eagle creates a new standard in glass backed high performance hybrid longbows. Designed for the experienced archer who has searched through the years for that truly special bow – a bow that exemplifies perfection in all of its qualities.

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